Hawaiian Gogi Jun

Gogi jun is a simple Korean way to make beef that is flour and egg battered. For how simple this recipe is, people mess it up. They don’t know thatyou have to follow a few simple steps to get it to come out right.

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What is Hawaiian Gogi Jun?

Hawaiian Gogi Jun is simply an islander twist on the Korean Traditional Gogi Jun. The Hawaiian style has a sweeter and saltier taste that is dangerously delicious. Jun is a Korean recipe to make food in which something is “flour and egg battered”. It’s light and delicately crispy. It’s simple and delicious. Jun is actually a word in Korean that means “Flour, Egg battered, and pan fried.”  You have probably guessed by now, that the recipe for gogi jun is simply a beef fried with an outer egg wrapper. For the Hawaiian style you need to marinate the meat first in a marinade. I have some tips below on how to properly make a marinade, and also how to marinate the meat.

How Do You Make Hawaiian Gogi Jun?

Gogi Jun is an easy Hawaiian Recipe that anyone can make. There are basically three tricks that I do to make this recipe taste great. The first trick is how is season the beef. The second trick is how I marinate my beef, I actually use a combination of ingredients to make the authentic Hawaiian taste. The third trick everyone needs to know how to get the flour and egg to stick to the meat without falling off. My family asks me often how I make the Hawaiian Gogi Jun taste so great, I kind of smile, and say with my love. But I am going to reveal my secret here.

If you follow the three tricks that I reveal below your Gogi Jun will turn out perfectly every time.

Hawaiian Gogi Jun – Trick # 1

I am Korean, and revealing this trick is sort of embarrassing, as Koreans in general are very traditional and don’t like tradition shared openly. However, my husband is American, and he has introduced me to blogging and we both share all our tricks to American and Korean cooking. This first trick is one of the most important about marinades and how to marinate properly.

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