About Us

Nue Notion Enterprises Corporation

The Nue Notion Enterprises Corporation is a not for profit company established in Las Vegas Nevada. It was founded by Ella Lee and her company is dedicated to the internet community and helping others.


The Nue Notion mission is to connect people with new ideas, hence the name Nue (new in a trendy way) Notion (ideas). The information we provide helps people attain their goals in life. We serve the public in a variety of ways. First we help people by connecting them with new information resources that add value to their lives. Second, we help foreigners living abroad in other countries with information that adds to their quality of living. Third, we serve people and start ups by providing them low cost ways to host web pages. Fourth, we find and promote low cost internet services for everyone. In summary, we want to help people better themselves through information and internet services.


Goal # 1 Establish a way for people to improve health and nutrition through knowledge, research, and practical solutions.
Goal # 2 Establish Nue Notion as an information gateway for people to find the latest information about the changing economy and thereby improve their way of living.
Goal # 3 As we are foreigners, we want to help people who take risks in life and live abroad in another country, we want to be the go-to resource for information about living abroad. At least in a few languages.
Goal # 4 We have struggled with the pains of being a startup business ourselves, and we want to help people, small businesses, startups succeed with our web hosting platform.

Our Sites



Nue Wave VPN
Nue Wave VPN

What Our Company Does

Our company is involved with web hosting and web development. We develop websites and services of our own and for our customers. The www.nuenotion.com domain primarily is used for incubating new ideas, that we are not yet ready for the mainstream.

Our Nue Projects

  • Real Estate The Nue Way
  • Stationed Abroad

Our Volunteerism

  • Education
  • Homeless

Our Charities

  • Catholic Charities
  • Fisher House

I sincerely hope you enjoy the content that my team provides, and look forward to your readership.

Thank you,

Ella Lee